About this website


 Sooner or later all of us need pictures on one subject or the other. However, sometimes we do not get precisely what we need, or we do not get pictures of a good quality. Even when we are able to find out good pictures on the subject of our interest, they are too costly to afford.

The purpose of this site is to make available pictures of excellent quality on a variety of subjects and offer them free of cost.

Many of the images on this site are in public domain. Others are copyright protected. But all are absolutely free for personal use. They can also be used for commercial purposes with permission.

(1) You CANNOT use these pictures for making a picture gallery of your  own, and

(2) You CANNOT use the pictures for any illegal purpose.

In case of any doubt about the use of any picture, please contact us.

The site is in the making. We shall be adding new pictures to it from time to time on more and more subjects. Please visit again.


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